We're going to San Diego Comic Con!

We're going to San Diego Comic Con!

38 Days until San Diego Comic Con!!!

For those who know us at all, they’ll know we love going to comic cons. Our first con experience was SDCC in 2015 shortly after our wedding for part of our honeymoon following 5 days in HOT Palm Springs. Since then we’ve been to two smaller cons, in New Orleans and Richmond, VA, as well as SDCC a second time last year and we’re heading back in a matter of weeks! And for the first time next week we'll be going to Awesome Con right here in Washington D.C.

What are comic book conventions?

Comic book conventions are taking place in many cities throughout the world at all times of the year and created by many different organizations, Comic-Con International (CCI) hosts SDCC, Wizard World runs many across country, and LeftField Media is behind Awesome Con. Cons will typically host comic book authors and artists, as well as celebrities who play characters from comic books in tv and movies. These celebrities typically make themselves available for photo ops and autographs, while also participating in panels. Panels can be anything and everything, from how to draw, to the announcement of the next big Marvel movie. (Emily is entirly too obsessed with Marvel Movies and comic books alike!)
Photos with Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, and Jewel Statie

Photos Ops we got we with Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell from Captain America, and Jewel Statie from Firefly!

So.. How do I get a ticket to San Diego Comic Con?

San Diego Comic Con is the mother of all cons with more than 167,000 attendees descending into San Diego for the weekend. Filling up the massive San Diego convention center, there are dozens of panels, autographs, photo ops, and exclusives happening at any one time. The con has grown so much that there are many “off sites”, where you mostly don't need a SDCC badge to attend, outside of the convention center. Adult Swim has a free carnival called Adult Swim on the green (which is going on tour!), SyFy transforms a downtown restaurant into a theme for one of their shows, last year you could walk through a life size re-creation of South Park, and much, much more!
SDCC Badge

Unlike some of the younger cons like Awesome Con and Wizard World where tickets are on sale for months ahead of time through the con, SDCC sells out in minutes through a random lottery. We’ve been lucky enough to get badges three years in a row now, with our first try only getting badges for Thursday and Sunday, the least popular days. But we were to happy to get any at all on our first try! After attending SDCC, attendees can participate in an early “returning registration” lottery for the next year’s event. While this lottery doesn't have as many badges available as there are during the general registration, it is limited to those who were present the previous year. If during the returning registration you don't get any or all the badges you'd like, you can try again during the general registration; so there’s an additional roll of the dice to get badges for returning attendees.
SDCC Badge Box

SDCC has started something new this year, sending out all badges in a really awesome kit to help you get started!

SDCC Booklet

It's called Hotelpocalypse for a reason

One does not simple get a cheap hotel while at sdcc

We just participated in the general hotel sale, which the community has come to know as #hotelpocalypse, which is your only shot at getting a hotel room downtown within walking distance. CCI does have a routine shuttle service that stops at most of the hotels throughout San Diego and runs 24 hours a day, but personally I like having the con at my fingertips. The general hotel sale gives you access to a form at a specific date and time and you are moved from a waiting room to the form in a random order, much like the badge lottery. We didn't get any of the 6 hotels that we requested but we were offered a hotel a mile away and I'll consider that walking distance! When it was all said and done I was just thankful we had a place to sleep (if we don't end up sleeping in line!)

What we’re looking forward to

Adult Swim on the green

Adult Swim on the Green

Speaking of sleeping in lines, there's a good chance we will be, or at least waiting in the gargantuan Hall H line for some time, because Marvel has confirmed they'll be returning to SDCC this year! Whichever day they do their panel, probably on Saturday, we’ll firmly plant our butts in the largest room the convention center has to offer. Because of the huge effort to get into Hall H, we’ll want to reap the benefits that it has to offer, and with all the big names that typically present in Hall H (such as Pixar, DC, WB, and Lucas Films to name a few) there’s a lot to get out of it!

Cameron and Emily Cosplying at SDCC

Cosplaying as Hawkeye & Ms. America Chavez (Marvel Comics) / Wash & Zoë (firefly) at SDCC 2016

The schedule is released only a couple of weeks before the con, so currently we only have a broad plan. Our first year Emily and I largely 'went with the flow' for the limited number of days we could attend largely because of our lack of experience. We ended up attending about all the panels we wanted to and took in the energy of the convention. Last year we we're largely focused on getting all the exclusives that are available at conventions and while we still had a great takeaway with a lot of fun, our first year still seemed marginally better (to me anyways). So this year I plan go to many more panels and try get back to that 'go with the flow' while still being informed of whats there and getting what we want out of it!
Emily's Captain America lego minifig autographed by Stan Lee

Probably Emily's most treasured item, a SDCC exclusive Captain America Lego Minifigure autographed by Stan Lee!

Cameron's Exclusive lego brick headz

Just one of the several exclusives we got last year, Lego Brickheadz of Iron Man / Captian America, Black Panther / Dr. Strange, Superman / Wonder Woman, and The Joker / Batman

Be sure to follow Emily and myself on social media to stay updated on our escapades, and be sure to check out our hashtags #gallarnocon and #meetthegallarnos for our upcoming comic con adventures!

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