Turns Out We're Crafty : Building a Farmhouse Table

As you may have heard, we have a new house! And if not, do checkout our previous post about Tulip the townhouse. Expanding from a two bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom, 3 level townhouse has left, well.. A lot of empty space. We’re still adjusting to owning a home financially, while the mortgage is no more than the rent for our, still sizable but, smaller apartment the taxes, gas, electrical and water bills are all new or larger than they were. So long story short, we’re keeping our spending down for now, while we also save for a few upcoming trips!

One of the key pieces of furniture we needed was a dining room table. We were planning on hosting both Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, within the same week no less, so this was a high priority with an ever nearing due date. Emily showed me some Farmhouse tables a while ago which we both loved but they run upwards of $1,000. Needless to say that didn't really fit into our budget but we also didn’t want to compromise. For what it’s worth we did look at many tables, but the ones we could afford just didn't align with what we wanted.

So we built it!

Lucky for us Pinterest exists, and I love Pinterest! No, really go check out my boards. There are lots of designs for Farmhouse tables online and we found the plans for a table that a) looked like something we could own for a long time and b) seemed relatively straightforward to build (note: I didn't say easy 😉). Since we aren't afraid of a challenge and building a table didn't quite seem hard enough, we also found plans for a bench and built that at the same time. In the end, the table was both easier and more difficult than I anticipated. Let me stop explaining our motives behind the build and just show you a bunch of pictures of it! This isn’t a DIY post so I’m not going to show you step by step of how it was done, but if you would like, grab the free plans and view this post from the original DIYer, Shanty 2 Chic.

Final product first!

Photo of final Dining Room Table Jump to more photos of the finished table

Shopping took a lot longer than we anticipated. I think we were at the store for at least 2-3 hours picking out wood, stain, polyurethane and all the other tools we needed.

Emily looking for the right piece of wood

But there's all the wood we needed.

So. Much. Cutting.

There were a lot of cross beams and angle cuts needed for this. All in all, it took us one day to shop and cut the wood, and another day to assemble it altogether.

Cameron cutting a 45 degree angle on a 2x4

We had to make sure to get Emily in on the saw. She was nervous at first, but became really comfortable with the saw, and the drill pretty quickly!

Emily measuring a 2x4 before cutting it

My brother and dad came over to give us a hand with this massive project, as well as lend us some tools because we do not have all that hardware!

Brother and Father cutting down wood

Emily's particularly proud of capturing this moment, couldn't tell ya what was going on though.

And then it started to come together

We needed so many clamps! If you have someone to buy a gift for, and they like to build stuff, get them clamps!

The assembled bench!

The table top wasn't attached just yet, but that's the base of the table altogether.

And then there was stain

We got the table built in two days, over a weekend, but the stain took a little longer. Over the following 2 - 3 nights we would be in the garage for a couple of hours sanding and staining all the wood. Lastly we sealed the top of the table and bench seat with polyurethane.

And some more final photos!

Emily and I couldn't be happier with the results! This turned out way better than expected and I think I'll have some more projects in the future.

A big shoutout to my mother in law who gifted us a Home Goods giftcard where we got that runner! Thank you!

Photo of final Dining Room Table

If you were wondering the table worked perfectly for Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving!

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