Tulip the Townhouse: The Newest Member of the Gallarno Family

Back in February, I met with my friend Jessica and her husband Matthew for lunch, and we started talking about houses. I told them that Cameron and I would be looking to move, once our lease was up. I wanted more space, but Cameron didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for it, since everything is expensive in Northern Virginia. Cue Matthew suggesting that we look into what Fredericksburg had to offer. Both he and Jessica had townhomes before they were married, hers in Ashburn and his in Fredericksburg, but his was larger and yet $50k cheaper.

After my lunch with them, I went home and started searching what was up for rent and for sale in Fredericksburg. With a few solid finds in hand, I went to Cameron to propose that we take a day to just look at what Fredericksburg had to offer. Fast forward to March, when we found some open houses to attend. We were both excited to see what these homes looked like in person, but sadly, house after house we would feel disappointed. It’s not to say the houses we saw weren’t nice, they just weren’t what we were looking for.

The last neighborhood that we were supposed to visit, Summerfield, looked lovely, but sadly we weren’t able to find the model home. Back then this was a pretty annoying fact, but looking back, I’m extremely thankful that we couldn’t find it. As we were leaving the neighborhood, we saw models for townhomes. I looked at Cameron and suggested that we check the townhouses out. The houses in the area weren’t really what we wanted, but maybe we’d find something we liked in a townhouse.

As we walked both models with Matt (Beazer’s New Home Consultant), I began to imagine different scenarios in my head. I could see us playing with our kids. I saw us hosting holidays and get togethers. I saw our cats sitting in the windows, soaking up the sun. I even saw myself running my wedding planning business out of the bump-out in the basement. Overall, I saw us thriving in that townhouse. We had a great talk with Matt, before heading home and once we got in the car, we looked at each other and we knew. We were going to buy one of those townhouses.

We went home and took some time to think. We hadn’t actually planned to buy a house this soon, so the thought of jumping into this was terrifying. I remember searching on Zillow to see if we could find anything closer to our area for a price as great as what Beazer was charging. After some time, I realized that we weren’t going to find anything comparable in our area. We talked it over, discussing our fears of moving away from the only area either of us had ever lived in, talked about whether we were ready for a house or not, talked about what this space would mean for our future. Then, we decided to go for it.

On March 12, Cameron and Chris went down to give Beazer our deposit check (I was busy wedding dress shopping with my friend Anneka!). That afternoon Cameron sent me a picture of a sold sign in front of our lot, and so our home building journey began.

Over the course of 3 months, we have been to countless meetings and spent several hours choosing fixtures, flooring, tile, counter tops, and more. As of last week, our house, which we’ve named Tulip, was completed. And as of June 27, 2017, she’s all ours! Being that I’ve never lived in anything other than an apartment, this was a big step for me! Although Tulip has more stairs than any other residence I’ve ever had, I’m so ready for us to move in and start our next chapter there!

Thanks so much to our wonderful friends and family for being there for us during this process...and for helping us get the place in order before we move in! Without further adieu, here are a few pictures (and by “a few” I mean A LOT) of Tulip during the building process!

Sold Cameron got to put a sold sign on our lot!

April Visit.1

April Visit.2

Pre-Drywall Basement.1 View looking into the bump-out in the basement.

Pre-Drywall Basement.2

Pre-Drywall Kitchen.1 Where our stove, microwave, cabinets and fridge would eventually go.

Pre-Drywall Kitchen.2 That weird L-shaped thing to my right is now our 12 ft. kitchen island!

Pre-Drywall Kitchen.3

Pre-Drywall Living Room.1 Looking into the living room

Pre-Drywall Dining Room.1 Dining room

Pre-Drywall Bumpout.1 The morning room on the main floor!

Pre-Drywall Bumpout.2

Pre-Drywall Signatures.1 The day we did this walk-through, the construction manager told us we could sign the house anywhere before the drywall went up. We signed a beam right in the walkway to the morning room!

Pre-Drywall Backyard.1

Pre-Drywall Stairs.1

Pre-Drywall Master.1 Our bedroom, with the sitting room at the end!

Pre-Drywall Spare Room 1.1

Pre-Drywall Spare Room 2.1

Pre-Drywall House.1

And now for the finished product!

Finished House.1

Finished House.2

Finished Entry.1

Finished Basement.1 Finished basement!

Finished Backyard.1

Finished Kitchen.1

Finished Kitchen.2

Finished Dining Room.1 Dinning room, with that pretty chandelier.

Finished Master.1 Our room!

Finished Master.2

Finished Master Bath.1 Master bathroom!

Finished Master Bath.2 Choosing the tile for the shower took 45 minutes, so I'm beyond obsessed with this shower and how it turned out!

Finished Master Bath.3

Finished Hallway.1

Finished Spare Room 1.1

Finished Spare Room 2.1

Gallarno Family

We are so excited to build some wonderful memories in our new home!!!

Emily Gallarno

Emily Gallarno

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