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Emily, my brother and I attended Broccoli City Festival this past weekend and while Chris seemed a little disinterested (though that could also just be his face), we had a great time watching the various concerts happening. But before I continue, here’s an excerpt from Broccoli City on what it is.

The first Broccoli City Festival was started in 2013 to draw attention for Earth Day, aligning with the brands mission to build thriving urban communities to sustain future generations by mobilizing and educating urban millennials through social impact campaigns and major events. Through our programs we are creating higher standards of sustainable living, environmental sustainability, renewable energy, economic opportunity, and access to high quality food and shelter. - Official Broccoli City Website

Broccoli City is much more than a concert. The week leading up to the collection of performances during the weekend, there are art and music pop ups, a marathon, and a convention educating young people to create a better world. But, this post is less about BC Fest and more about shared experiences with some of my favorite people.

Rae Sremmurd performing at Broccoli City Festival 2017

The Sharing Part

I’ll be the first to admit on Emily’s behalf that while BC Fest is a great event helping a lot of people, we just went because some of her favorite artists, Rae Sremmurd and Lil Yachty, were performing. That’s not to say Chris and I don’t also enjoy their music, I very much do! It’s just Emily get’s something entirely different out of that experience than we do. This was an experience that Emily was sharing with us, just like how not long ago I brought them to Brain Candy Live! which had mind-blowing demonstrations and science experiments in a fun and engaging way. At the end of last year Chris invited us to see Cash Cash at Echostage, and we immediately said yes! We like several of their songs (a few where we didn’t pay close enough attention to realize they were the artist!), and Emily had been wanting to checkout the venue after hearing about it from both Chris and I.

At Echostage in DC the three of us got to the venue quite early, around 10pm before any of the openers had started and Cash Cash wasn’t going to begin until 1:30 am (ending at 3 am, we did not make it all night!). We were awkwardly dancing to the slightly repetitive nature of the first DJ’s set, searching for the most oddly dressed fans as people slowly filed into the venue. As things started to get packed the next artist, Don Diablo came on. Emily and I had never heard him but instantly loved his music. Late into the night, shoulder to shoulder and feeling packed like sardines, Cash Cash finally made their breathtaking entrance to the stage and put on an amazing show, it was then that Emily’s anxiety began to set in, which was the fault of a group of guys doing hard drugs directly in front of us, which made her uncomfortable. She stepped out of the crowd and I stuck with Chris for a few songs before going to find her near the back where we got some drinks in the much needed breathing room. Chris eventually found us, still having a great time continuing to dance, in the much more casual environment. We finally left at the end of the night with our sore feet and exhausted bodies with an amazing experience that we share and I treasure.

Selfies of Cameron, Emily, and Chris

These events are only a small fraction of everything we’ve done with our family and friends to reinforce those relationships, but also sharing these experiences just leaves you with so many more positive memories. Emily and I wouldn’t have gone to see Cash Cash and discovered a whole new culture of music, or fans that we really enjoy if it weren’t for Chris asking us in the first place. But having friends with you really highlights the positives of the event, where you completely forget about the few jerks (emily censored me here) who shove their way to the front, or are selfishly doing drugs in a public space or standing in mud for hours on end. We instead only relish in how we felt when the bass dropped, discovered something new, or simply enjoyed one another’s company.

Cameron Gallarno

Cameron Gallarno

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