Happy 27th Birthday, Cameron!

Happy 27th Birthday, Cameron!

Today is a pretty exciting day in the Gallarno household, because it's Cameron's birthday! This also marks 9 years that I've been celebrating this day with him. Way back when, when Cam turned 18, I remember making cookies and drawing up birthday signs for him. My friend Jessica helped me make some signs during English (because as seniors you show up to school but don't really put much effort into anything else!), and the entire time she kept saying "You like Cameron, I know you do!". I just gave her that look like 'girl you cray!', but deep down I knew she was right.

Fast forward to now, where you couldn't pay me to shut up about how much I like this kid! I've been telling people for weeks about today, and sharing my gifts with anyone who'd listen, because I couldn't ruin the secret for Cam. I let him open his gifts around 12:15 am, because I'm weak and couldn't wait much longer for him to have these things that I knew he'd love. Take a look at the images below to see what I got him for his birthday!

Cameron LOVES anything to do with space and he's been wearing hats a lot more lately, so I figured this would be a cool gift!


Cameron in his NASA hat

Now his second gift was a total surprise, and honestly it's something that I just randomly happened upon. This is a piece of internal fire glass art (found here). They look like little galaxies and I figured it'd be perfect for Cameron!

Internal Fire Glass 1

Internal Fire Glass 2

Internal Fire Glass 3

Sitting there watching him open his gifts, I really couldn't help but thank God for bringing Cameron into my life. Occasions like this are my favorite, because it's an excuse to spoil him and be unapologetically sappy about how much I truly do treasure him.

26 has been a pretty crazy adventure, but I'm excited for us to go into this next year together, and to see what 27 has in store for both of us. I know that no matter what comes our way, we'll make this next year absolutely awesome!

Emily Gallarno

Emily Gallarno

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