Guess who's Birthday it is!!

Today, June 13th 2017, is a very special day because it's someones birthday!

But who's Birthday could it be?

Isn't it obvious?

Chris Evans of course!

I mean... everyone saw that coming, right?

While today really is Chris Evans birthday, it's not only his birthday.

It's also Kat Denning's birthday!

That's it! there's no one else I could possibly wish a happy birthday to...

Oh Right! Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen too!

Okay, okay, you've got me. I've prolonged this long enough.

While the person this post truly is about does share their birthday with all of these great and wonderful people, it just goes to show how special she is because I just happen to know she is the most amazing person EVER!

Happy Birthday Emily Gallarno!!

Cameron and Emily Happy Birthday to the most amazing, wonderful, and strong woman I know! I love you even more each and every day and I'm excited for our journey through life together!

Love, Cameron

Cameron Gallarno

Cameron Gallarno

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