Grayson | 1 Month

Meet the Newest Gallarno!

So, it's been a while since we last posted. In that time, Cameron and I have had a ton of adventures (we went to Arizona for a convention where I accidentally touched Chris Evans abs, for example 😊). The biggest adventure we embarked on in our time away from the blog, though,

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Turns Out We're Crafty : Building a Farmhouse Table

As you may have heard, we have a new house! And if not, do checkout our previous post about Tulip the townhouse. Expanding from a two bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom, 3 level townhouse has left, well.. A lot of empty space. We’re still adjusting to owning a home financially, while the mortgage

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Twelve Years : My Journey With Depression

Hey everybody! Sorry for being so quiet for the past few months, but with all of our adjustments (becoming homeowners, Cameron working from home almost full time, and my transitioning from having a job to not having a job and then finally finding one again) we’ve been a little swamped. But even with all

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Tulip the Townhouse: The Newest Member of the Gallarno Family

Back in February, I met with my friend Jessica and her husband Matthew for lunch, and we started talking about houses. I told them that Cameron and I would be looking to move, once our lease was up. I wanted more space, but Cameron didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for

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Guess who's Birthday it is!!

Today, June 13th 2017, is a very special day because it's someones birthday!

But who's Birthday could it be?

Isn't it obvious?

Chris Evans of course!

I mean... everyone saw that coming, right?

While today really is Chris Evans birthday, it's not only his birthday.

It's also Kat Denning's birthday!

That's it! there's no one

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